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High Speed Bipolar Amplifier-HSA4000 Series

  • High speed, broad band and high slew rate
  • Frequency range is DC to max.10MHz. Slew rate is max.5000V/µ s.
  • A fast rise time pulse signal and a complicated waveform signal can be amplified with a high fidelity.
  • High voltage output - Max. output voltage is 300Vp-p. Possible to drive piezo actuators and display devices by a big margin.
  • 4-quadrant operation ( bipolar output )
  • Available for output plus/minus of voltage and current freely.
  • Changing of plus/minus polarity continuously without switching.
  • Excellent step response
  • Possible to get a clean waveform of few overshoot and ringing.
  • Two inputs are provided - Input is A and B of dual inputs. One touch operation for addition and input change.
  • DC bias - Equipped with DC bias function enabling to add DC to the output.
  • Low output impedance - Enable to get excellent response in capacitive and inductive load.
  • Function of output range shift - Equipped with the range shift function which is able to change output range.
  • Others - Equipped with DC offset adjustment function, protection circuit, Monitor meter & monitor output, output ON/OFF switch and others.

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