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Multifunction Generator-WF1967,WF1968

  • Maximum frequency: 200 MHz (sine wave), 70 MHz (square wave, pulse)
  • Maximum output voltage: 20 Vp-p/open (10 Vp-p/50 Ω, 110 MHz or less)
  • Waveform amplitude resolution: Approx. 16 bit
  • Various types of output waveforms : Sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, DC, parameter-variable and arbitrary
  • Square wave and pulse with high resolution, variable duty of 0.0001%
  • High-speed, large-capacity arbitrary waveform: 420 MS/s, 4 Mi* words
  • Various oscillation modes : Continuous, burst/trigger/gate, internal/external modulation, sweep, burst and modulation, sweep and modulation
  • Sequence function
  • “Synclator” function:Automatically synchronizes a signal input from an external source to the main output signal.
  • Interfaces: USB, GPIB, LAN (optional)
  • Control software : Arbitrary waveform/sequence editing, remote control and logging

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