HAAS-2000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer is a high-speed,

high accuracy array CCD-based spectro radiometer, so it can measure the

entire spectrum simultaneously making very short measuring times a eality.

features a fiber-optic port for all measurement adapter accessories from



This flexibility gives HAAS-2000 the capability to carry out all the

spectroradiometric application in quality control, production testing, and lab

settings. It is widely used for spectral measurement of LEDs, LED modules,

LED (LCD) display, CFL, FL, CCFL, HID lamps, flash lamps, phosphor and so on.






Everfine produces a fully automated, doble monochromators baes

spectroradiometer PMS-700. It has high spectral resolution over a wide

wavelength, and excellent stray light control.


These makes PMS-700 suitable for application with requirements like

photobiological safety analysis, and it has also very high accuracy when

measuring general luminous flux and chromaticity parameters.






PMS-80 is a fast mechanical scanning spectrameter. It is the product of modern

technologies as well as EVERFINEs experience of over dozen years in the research and development for monochromators based spectroradiometer.


By EVERFINE patent Sync-skan technogies, PMS-80 has much faster speed

than conventional monochromator based ones while the measurement accuracy

is kept as high as originally. A typical measuring time during the spectral range from

380-800nm is only a few seconds comparing with several minutes of traditional

scanning systems. Sync-Skan Speed the measurment largely.






PMS-50 is a very widely applied single monochromators spectrometer with high



"PMS-50+1 standard lamp" realizes all lamp's complete photometry and chromatry

solution, and has 0.3% linearity in the range of 0.1ml~200,000lm, and the SBCT

is employed!






STC4000 is a compact multi-channel spectrometer (CCD based spectrometer),

which brings advantages in respect of fast measurement speed, footprint design,

and effective cost.


However, for the high stray light level, high dark noise output, high temperature

dependent, and low dynamic range, the accuracy of this kind of spectrometer is

not so good.