4500 series

[NF Corporation] 4500 series

The 4500 series is a power amplifier which has frequency range of from

DC to 20kHz. It is available for a constant current output and a remote sensing.

It is appropriate for power environments testing by none-sinusoidal waveform

like instantaneous break of half wave.






This is constant current/constant voltage amplifier which realize high speed

response of slew rate 500V/µs and is possible output of ±10kVpk/±10mApk.

It is suitable for development of high speed copy machine and printer.






As-161, high speed bipolar amplifier for testing vehicle electrical and electronic

components, conducts various EMC tests and power simulation tests on vehicle

electrical and electronic components when connected to a testin waveform

generator. This system handles ISO, standards of various countries, and tests of

automobile manufacturers. In addition, this system handles not only the tests for

current battery 12 V/24 V, but also the tests for 42 V in-vehicle power that has

been recently moving toward being in practice and standardized.




HSA series


HSA series is a power amplifier which has high speed, broad band

(DC to max.10MHz), and the capability of supplying high voltage and high power.

DC+ / DC- signal is variable continuously with wide output range of maximum

300Vp-p without switching. Furthermore, as Four-quadrant output is possible,

source mode (providing a power to load from a power amplifier in coincidence of

voltage polarity and current polarity as normal amplifier) and sink mode

(Sinking a power from load to power amplifier in reverse current) operation are

available. Therefore, It is possible to drive smoothly a capacitive load and an

inductive load like a piezo electric component, a solenoid and others.

6 difference models concerning frequency range, output voltage and output current

are available as HSA series.




BA series


BA Series are power amplifiers that handle DC to 50 MHz(max.) signals and

output broadband, high speed, and high voltage(300 Vp-p max) bipolar

(both positive and negative polarities) outputs.

While ordinary DC power supplies only supply one-way currents, the BA Series

amplifiers supply(source) and absorb(sink) currents, and handle positive and negative voltages as well, because they operate across all four quadrants.

As for high speed bipolar amplifier, we have prodcut lineup of  HSA series

(total six models) with different frequency range, output voltage and output current

besides BA series. We would like you consider HSA series together with BA series

to select appropriate model..




BP series


Sequence Function for Fully Programmable Output Pattern Bipolar Output Good

for Inductive and Capacitive Loads !!

As a power supply for testing vehicle electrical and electronic

components/motor/solenoid/large capacitors and as electronic load for testing

power supplies / batteries..... Can be used for various applications.