• Flexible connectivity USB, mobile, Wi-Fi and 


• Utilities: supports third-party applications and the tools that enable technicians

             to complete their work in the field


• Test management/reporting lets you take advantage of the EXFO Connect

  environment to monitor field operations (local and remote)


• PC-oriented: Intel ATOM processor with Windows Embedded Standard operating

                    system, for optimized productivity and versatility






• Intel ATOM processor with Windows Embedded Standard for maximized

  productivity and unique versatility 


• Compatible with 11 families of modules for multiple field testing applications


• CWDM network characterization at eight wavelengths


• 40G and ROADM commissioning with an optical spectrum analyzer


• Multiservice testing with a next-generation SONET/SDH analyzer




FiberBasix 500

[EXFO] FiberBasix 500 

• Error-free testing features: automatic wavelength recognition, and no offset

                                      nulling required 

• Data transfer to a PC via USB connection 


• One-touch storage of results for all wavelengths at once (on the EPM-500) 


• Complete reporting software






[EXFO] FiberBasix 100

• Easy-to-use interface for error-free testing 


• Interchangeable connectors, for first-class flexibility 


• Cost-effective, rugged and highly reliable 


• Ideal for testing and troubleshooting optical premises networks





[EXFO] FPM-600

• Adapts to all network types: LAN, CWDM, DWDM, etc.


• Error-free, time-saving features: automatic wavelength recognition, and no

  offset nulling required 


• High accuracy, wide dynamic range and high power measurement capability

  (up to 26 dBm)


• User-configurable pass/fail thresholds with LED indicator 





[EXFO] FPM-300

• Highly accurate unit offering 10 calibrated wavelengths and reference values 


• No offset nulling required, reducing measurement time 


• Three-year warranty and recommended calibrationinterval, for dramatically

  reduced cost of ownership


• Autonomy of over 300 hours  


• Instrument identification available in six languages





[EXFO] FLS-600

• Up to three singlemode wavelengths (1310, 1550, and 1490 or 1625 nm)

  on a single port, or four wavelengths (850/1300nm and 1310/1550 nm)

  on two ports 


• Three-year warranty for low cost of ownership 


• Error-free, time-saving test features 


• Compliant with the IEC 61280-4-1 standard (using an external conditioner)





[EXFO] FLS-300

• Can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol so that

  any compatible unit can automatically use the proper calibration parameters 


• Autonomy of 120 hours  


• Instrument identification available in six languages 


• Highest output power in the industry 


• Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval, for dramatically

  reduced cost of ownership