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 DDS system provides high accuracy and high resolution

   - 0.01µHz to 15MHz/50MHz

   - Frequency accuracy: ±5ppm

   - Resolution of frequency settings: 0.01µHz


A variety of high-quality waveform output

   Generates sine waves, square waves, triangular waves, saw tooth waves, arbitrary waveforms, noise,

   and DC. Arbitrary Waveform editor is bundled.


A wealth of oscillation functions: Including burst, gate, trigger, and triggered gate oscillations


A wide array of sweep and modulation functions


1-channel or 2-channel output

   Up to 6 units can be operated in sync, with a configuration of signal generators for 3 to 12 channels


16-bit waveform with high vertical resolution (WF1945B and WF1946B only)


Superb user-friendliness

- Key Navigation: This features guides users by illuminating the keys that can be operated next,

                            thereby supporting smooth and reliable operations.

- User unit Function: Enables values to be set in any engineering unit specified by the user.

- Load Function: Sets and displays actual output voltage when output is not open.

- Channel to channel isolation: Signal ground is isolated between two channels (channels 1 and 2).

- Input/output floating: Signal ground floats from chassis


Equipped with USB and GPIB interfaces



In addition to burst, gate, trigger, and triggered gate oscillations, a full array of sweep functions and

modulation functions are provided.


• Square waves

   - Variable duty factor

   - Variation range: 0 to 100%

   - Resolution of settings: 0.0001%


- Variable rise/fall time (WF1965 and WF1966 only)

- Variation range: 7 ns to 1 ms

- Resolution of settings: 3 digits


- Can be set up and operated like a pulse generator



• Arbitrary waveforms

   - Up to 12 waveforms, with maximum length of 64K words

      (WF1943B, WF1944B, WF1945B, and WF1946B)

   - Complex waveforms can be easily generated when using the bundled software to create arbitrary




• Waveform vertical resolution: 16 bits (WF1945B, and WF1946B only)

                                                Smooth square waves, triangular waves, and saw tooth waves



Electronics/Information equipment

   Operation test on electronic circuits, LSIs, and components, signal source for information equipment and

   digital circuits, input signal source for A/D converters, RGB signal source for display check, drive test on

   LCD panels, driving multilayer piezoelectric actuators, driving ultrasonic motors, developing bias signal

   source for copying machine drums, test on pulse counters, signal source for testing differential and

   balanced input, and generation of noise simulation waveforms.

   input, and generation of noise simulation waveforms.



   Terrestrial digital broadcasting, clock source for OFDM methods such as 5-GHz high speed wireless LAN,

   IQ signal source for next-generation cellular-phones, signal source for testing echo cancellers,

   signal source for simulating responses of radar and sonar, simulated signal source for fish finders,

   frequency response tests on amplifiers and speakers, evaluation tests on radio communication devices,

   and white noise source.



   Driving signal for robots and servo systems, signal source for testing FA control circuits, simulated signal

   source for various sensors, timing signal source for switches and relays, driving pulse motors, signal source

   for driving PWM inverter motors, simulated signal source for rotary encoders, signal source for vibration

   and fatigue tests, and signal source for making waves.



   Inspection and evaluation of electronic components, driving piezoelectric elements, driving solenoids,

   driving heaters, trigger source for pulse lasers, signal source for plating power supplies, signal source for

   bending and fatigue tests on materials, measuring electrochemical characteristic of solution, charge/

   discharge test on batteries, use for generating simulated AE (acoustic emission) waves, and measuring

   lock-in amplifiers using reference signals.



   Simulation of gear rotation signals, development and inspection of ABS and power steering, simulation

   signal source for ECUs, simulation signal source for various automobile sensors, testing traction control,

   testing power supply ripple fluctuation of electrical components, signal source for testing ATC systems, and

   signal source for testing track circuit devices.


Power/Medical electronics/Others

   Signal source for testing circuit breakers, signal source for testing JIS standards of earth leakage circuit

   breakers, simulation of 3-phase power sources, generating waveforms for power fluctuation environmental

   tests, simulation of bio-signals, simulated signal source for electrocardiogram, source for auditory

   stimulation such as tone burst and tone pip, frequency standard in instrument control rooms, and simulated

   signal source for evaluating recorders and monitors.



   : available

  * WF1944B and WF1945 are discontinued.











Number of channel





Oscillation  Frequency range

0.001µHz to 15MHz

0.001µHz to 50MHz

Output waveform

(variable duty factor) ,

Arbitrary waveform, Noise, DC

ertical resolution of








0.01µHz to 15MHz

0.01µHz to 50MHz

(variable duty


0.01µHz to 500kHz

0.01µHz to 2MHz

0.01µHz to 500kHz

0.01µHz to 2MHz

Arbitrary waveform

0.01µHz to 500kHz

0.01µHz to 2MHz


White noise bandwidth : 500kHz

White noise bandwidth: 2MHz

Frequency setting



Frequency accuracy

When shipped: ±5ppm, age-related change: ±3ppm per year

Variable duty  range

Duty variation range: 0.0100% to 99.9900% or 0.0000% to 100.0000%

Resolution of settings: 0.0001%

Variable rise/fall


Variation range: 7ns to 1ms

Resolution of settings:

3 digits

Arbitrary waveform

size and wave number

8K words: 12 waves, 16K words: 6waves,

32K words: 3 waves, and 64K words: 1 wave

8K words: 12 waves,

16K words: 6waves,

32K words: 3 wave

Maximum output voltage

20Vp-p/open (10Vp-p/50)

Output voltage


10V range: 1mVp-p/open, 1V range: 0.1mVp-p/open

DC offset

10V range: ±10.000V/open, 1V range: ±1.0000V/open

Output impedance

50, umbalanced


Continuous oscillation

Burst, Trigger,


Triggered gate

Frequency, phase

Frequency, phase, amplitude, DC offset, duty factor

Frequency, phase

Frequency, phase, amplitude, DC offset, duty factor

Frequency, phase,

amplitude, DC offset, duty factor


FM and PM

FM, PM, AM, DC offset and PWM

FM and PM

FM, PM, AM, DC offset and PWM

FM, PM, AM, DC offset and PWM

Internal modulation

External AM



External Addition



2-channel mode




User unit function

Load function

Setting memory

Synchronized operation *



Digital output *





GPIB interface

USB interface

Arbitrary waveform editor

Input/output floating

Isolation between channels




Power requirement

AC 100/115/230V switchable

Power consumption

65VA or less

100VA or less

65VA or less

100VA or less

Dimensions (mm)

216 (W)×132.5 (H)×290 (D) excluding protrusions














* Factory option.