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• High accuracy: ±25ppm


• Wide frequency range: 0.1mHz to 2MHz, resolution: 0.1mHz


• Various Output waveforms: sine, square (variable duty factor 1 to 100%),

  triangle (variable symmetry 0 to100%), arbitrary waveform, DC


• Arbitrary waveform editor which facilitates generation of complex waveforms (standard equipment) *


• Oscillation modes: continuous, trigger, gate and burst


• Output on/off function, setting memory (20 sets), Load function etc.


• Equipped with USB interface


• The power input is available for worldwide applications (AC100 to 240V)


• Compact and lightweight (1.2kg, 93.5mm depth)

* Arbitrary waveform editor



Complex waveforms can be easily generated.

   - Waveform generation function

   - Waveform editing function

   - Transfer function

   - Display function

   - File operations



Oscillation frequency range

0.1mHz to 2MHz

Output waveform

Sine, triangle (variable symmetry), square (variable duty factor),

arbitrary (ARB), DC

Vertical resolution of waveform

12 bits

Waveform and frequency

sine, square (duty 50%): 0.1mHz to 2MHz

Triangle, square (other than duty 50%):0.1mHz to 50kHz

ARB: 0.1mHz to 50kHz

Frequency setting resolution


Frequency accuracy


Triangle wave variable symmetry

Setting range: 0% to 100%,

Resolution of settings: 0.1%

Square wave variable duty range

Setting range: 0% to 100%,

Resolution of settings: 0.1%

Arbitrary waveform size 

nd number

4K words, 4 waves

Max. output voltage


Output voltage resolution


DC offset

±5.000V/open, resolution 0.001V

Output impedance

50, unbalanced

Oscillation mode

Continuous, burst, gate, trigger

Other functions

Continuous, burst, gate, triggerLoad function (sets and displays actual

output voltage when load is open or 50.), Output on/off function,

Setting memory(save/call 20 sets of setting items), Battery backup,

Initializing function, input/output ground

Arbitrary waveform editor

Standard equipped


USB interface, USBTMC

Power requirements

AC 90V to 250V

Power consumption

20VA or less

Dimensions (mm)



Approx. 1.2kg