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• High speed and high resolution


• High accuracy


• External clock input


• Variable output voltage


• Low jitter output




Frequency range

CK 1615: 1kHz to 100MHz

CK 1620: 1kHz to 500MHz

Frequency resolutioin

1mHz (maximum 12 digits)

Internal time-base frequency

accuracy: ± 5ppm

aging: ± 2ppm/year

High stability time-base frequency


accuracy: 0.1ppm (at shipment)

aging: ± 0.5ppm/year

External time-base frequecy

10MHz ± 20ppm

Frequency switching time

5ms or less

Output voltage

-2.00V to +7.00V/open

Rise and fall time

10% to 90%, 50 ohm terminal

(amplitude setting [V/open] / 2.5+0.6) [ns] (typ.), approx.


GPIB (option: 1911)

Power requirements

AC100V, 115V or 230V ± 10%, switchable

Dimensions (mm)

216(W) X 132.5(H) X 290(D)


Approx. 4.2kg