[GIO] DFC-8000

• ļ

   - 5MHz: DFG-8005

   - 10MHz: DFG-8010

   - 20MHz: DFG-8020


• ִ 100MSa/s ǽð ø


• ֽ Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)


• ش: 8 bits


• Waveform Length: 1024 points


• 2 Է ä (Channal A & B)


• , , ﰢ, Ramp, ޽, TTL 16 Ÿ پ



• ·ܺ FM


• ũŻ ļ Ȯ ش




[GIO] FG-7005C/FG-7002C

• Լ ޽ ߻ ļ ī


• پ Լ ߻: , , ﰢ, Ramp, ޽, , TTL, CMOS


• 0.05Hz~5MHz: FG-7005C / 0.02Hz : FG-7002C ļ 뿪 (7ܰ)


• 6digit ļ ī (ִ 50MHz)


• 1:1 100: 1Rkwldml tjsgud tmdnlvm whwjf


• 0.2Hz~100kHz 1% ̳ ְ ( )


• Ŀ ޽ĸ پϰ ߻Ű Symmertry


• DC Offset, 20dB




[GIO] FG-8002

• ļ 뿪 : 0.02Hz ~ 2MHz


• پ Լ ߻: , , ﰢ


• Sweep Sweep ļ 1:1~100:1


• Symmetry Ŀ ޽ĸ پϰ ߻


• DC Offset ɳ


• ܺο VCF 밡


• TTL TTL Ldad 20




[GIO] FG-3000

• ļ : 0.1Hz ~ 3.3GHz


• 9digit LED ÷, 1ʿ 0.01mHz ش


• پ Է (1.5Vrms)


• ڰ


• Reciprocal ̿


• Low Pass Fliter (100KHz, -3dB)


• AC/DC coupling


• Է (10:1)


• Period, Total, RPM


• Ȧ (Data Hold)


• RS-232C ̽





[GIO] FG-7150/FC-7015





• 9digit LED ÷, 1ʿ 0.01mHz ش


RS-232C ̽ (Option)


• پ Է (20mVrms)


• ڰ


• Reciprocal ̿


• Low Pass Filter (100KHz, -3dB)


• AC/DC coupling


• Է (10:1)


• Period, Total, RPM


• Ȧ (Data Hold)








   [GIO] FG-7150U/FC-7015U

• 9digit LED ÷, 1ʿ 0.01mHz ش, 1ʿ 0.01mHz





• /ܺ Time Bass ð


• Low Pass Filter (100KHz, -3dB)


• Ϲ (Slope, Trigger, Time Interval, Ratio)


• Separate & Common


• Period, Total,


• RS-232C ̽(Option)





Wide Frequency Range: 0.01 µHz to 30M Hz


Various Types of output Waveforms

  Equipped with standard, arbitrary and "parameter-variable" waveforms.


Useful Programming Function

  The sequence function enables you to easily program output patterns.


Wide Array of Oscillation Modes

  Continuous, burst/trigger/gate, internal/external modulation, sweep,

  and sequence oscillation


2-channel Mode: Two independent channels, two phases,

                             constant frequency difference, constant frequency ratio,

                             and differential output



   - Synchronous operation of multiple units

   - Usable as a pulse generator

   - External addition input

   - User-defined units, and more


Pursuit of Usability

   - Flat and lightweight (88 mm high, 2.1 kg)

   - Each channel insulated from the housing,

   - USB/GPIB interface, and more





[NF CORPORATION] WF1940B/1960 Series

NF's WAVE FACTORY is the must-have product  for test signal sources, thanks to

its many advanced functions and user-friendly operation.

A big hit with users ever since it first appeared on the market, the Wave Factory

lineup has since been even further improved with to meet the more advanced needs

of users by providing even more advanced functions, performance characteristics,

and user-friendly features. The result is an unprecedented level of high cost performance. Easy linkage to personal computers opens the door to an assortment

of applications. The broad lineup of WAVE FACTORY models lets users select  the

one that best suits their intended uses and their budget.






DF1906 is a function generator of 0.1mHz to 2MHz.

It has realized high resolution and high performance  by adopting the DDS

(Digital Direct Synthesis) method.








CLOCK SYNTHESIZER is high speed digital signal (square wave) generator.

Output level is possible to apply various devices which are TTL, CMOS, ECL and

GaAs. It is possible to use for testing trial digital boards.