NF's frequency response analyzers utilize the excellent noise eliminating feature of

Fourier transformations to accurately measure frequency response characteristics.

Equipped with floating input circuitry and auto ranging functions for constantly

optimizing input ranges, our FRAs allow dynamically changing frequency responses

to be quickly measured with high accuracy, without the need to be concerned with

input signal levels or the ground potential of the device being tested; moreover,

operation is quite simple. Experience first-hand just how excellent are accuracy,

functions, and operability of our FRAs.






The FRA5022 is a frequency response analyzer for measurement frequencies of

0.1 mHz to 100 kHz. With a slim, space-efficient case design and simple operation

for ease of use, it is well suited for production lines.

Frequency response analyzers (FRA) utilize the digital Fourier integral method,

excelling in noise elimination characteristics, for highly accurate measurement of the

frequency response.

From stability evaluation for servo systems and switching power supplies, to fuel

cell current impedance measurement, the FRA5022 can be used for a number of

different situations in a wide variety of fields, ranging from electronic circuits/materials

to mechanics and electrochemicals.






• 10mHz to 20kHz 

• GO-NO judgement

• 10 spot frequencies

• Low price