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      • Basic accuracy : 0.08 %, display resolution of 6 digits (max.)


      • Measurement speed : Max. 2 ms at 1 kHz

          Measurement speed is selectable between 5 levels : RAP (rapid) , FAST, MED, SLOW and

                                                                               VSLO (very slow).

          When set to RAP, high-speed measurement at 2 ms (1kHz) or 10ms (120 Hz) can be performed.


     • Measurement frequency : 1 mHz to 100 kHz, 5-digit resolution


     • Measurement signal level : Max. 5 Vrms, 3-digit resolution


     • Measurements parameters : Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, Rp, Rs, |Z|, |Y|, G, Q, D, , X, B, Rdc


     • Internal DC bias : 0 V to +2.50 V


     • Constant-voltage/constant-current drive (ALC:Auto Level Control)


     • DC resistance measurement



     • 4-terminal contact check function and a handler interface for production lines (ZM2372) ZM2372 is

        equipped with contact check function to prevent mis-measurement or incorrect sorting due to defective

        contact between the measurement tip and component.

        It checks contact with 4 measurement terminals, and if a contact defect occurs, it halts measurement

        /sorting and determines the contact defect. This function contributes to improved yield.


     • Other functions : Correction functions (Open, Short, Load and Cable length), Deviation measurement,

                                Comparator function etc.


     • Interfaces : RS-232

                       - USB

                        - GPIB (Standard for ZM2372, not provided for ZM2371)

                       - Handler interface (Standard for ZM2372, not provided for ZM2371)



      Supports the remote control of ZM2372/ZM2372.

      Main functions: - Sets and acquires measurement parameters

                           - Controls measurement and acquires measurement result

                           - Outputs the acquired measurement result to a file





 Measurement frequency

 1 mHz to 100 kHz

 Basic accuracy

 0.08 %

 Measurement signal level

 10 mVrms to 5Vrms

 Measurement parameters

 Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, Rp, Rs, lZl, lYl, G, Q, D, , X, B, Rdc

 Measurement speed

 Max. 2 ms

 Contact check function




 USB, RS-232 *GPIB interface is not  available.

 USB, RS-232, GPIB

 Handler interface




 Application software for remote control and data acquisition